Belper Pilates Studio

Monday 9.30 - 10.20am -

Mat Work Body Control Pilates: Suitable for beginners - advanced levels. £18 for a 4-week block or £6 PAYG.

Monday 7 - 8pm -

Small Equipment Pilates: Variable content with equipment, booking maybe required to reserve the equipment so please text 07703116284 to check space. Improvers and upwards. £18 for the course or £6 per session.

Weds 6.15 - 7pm -

Antenatal & Post Natal Pilates: See the Antenatal & Post Natal pages in the left menu for further info.

Friday 9.30-10.30am - Mat Work Body Control Pilates: Beginners-advanaced levels: Drop-in or pre-book to get a discount. £18 for the 4-week block or £6 per session.

Antenatal & Post Natal Pilates:

Mat Work - Weds 6.15pm, Fri 11.15am

Reformer - Weds 10.15am, Weds 2pm, Fri 10.30am

BABIES WELCOME!! See Post Natal Page for details and application form. Babies welcome 6 weeks - 18 months.

Individual or Pairs - Teaching available from qualified health professionals. Designed as a technique introduction to ensure you get the most out of the classes. Also for those with musculoskeletal problems to tailor safe and effective core stability and rehab exercises. 1-2-1 Initial session £35, Follow-up £30. Pairs/Couples sessions Initial £40, follow up £35.

Mat Work Pilates:

Small Group Courses:

Tues 6.30 & 7.30pm, Thurs 9.30 & 10.15am, Friday 12pm.

6-week pre-booked courses for total beginners and progression offered to intermediate. Numbers are limited in these sessions to keep the class small for quality teaching and learning.

Flexi Drop-in:

Monday 9:30-10:20am & Friday 9:30-10:30am

Flexible Drop-in Matwork Pilates Classes (beginners and upwards) run on a Monday (9:30am), and a Friday morning (9:30am) at the Fit Pit Gym. These classes runs in 4 week blocks which can be pre-booked, £18 for block, or £6 per session if you drop-in and pay as you go.

These classes are suitable for beginners up to advanced level. Each exercise is taught from level 1 upwards so you can chose what level you wish to work at and exercise at your own pace. There is always assistance during the class and the instructor will come round and correct your alignment and technique as needed to ensure you get the most out of the session.

Many people that attend have pre-existing musculoskeletal problems and cannot achieve some of positions so many exercises are taught in 2-3 different ways to meet the needs of everyone. Feel free to ask questions during the class or put up your hand for extra support or advice. We like to ensure everyone feels supported during the session and is never struggling along unsure of what they doing.

It is recommended (but not essential) to attend a 60 minute one-to-one introductory session if you have never done Pilates before (or if you have done it before but still unsure regarding pelvic alignment and core activation). This will comprise of teaching alignment, ‘pelvis neutral’, deep core activation and maintenance, the breathing method, how to spot your compensations, and some basic exercises to practice at home. This way you will get the most out of each class and become proficient in the exercise technique. If you have an injury, especially a spinal condition, this one-to-one session and health screening is compulsory.

We vary the class every week, no class is ever the same. We have regular attendees and welcome new people every week so please come along and join us. Please call if you have any further questions or to arrange a one-to-one session.