Belper Pilates Studio

Tel: 07703 116284

Clinical & Rehabilitation Pilates

For a more individualised and problem solving approach...

These small-group sessions are designed to specifically meet the specific needs of each individual.  

These are Physiotherapy-Led for a high level of teaching, support, and progression with access to all our fabulous Pilates equipment such as the Pilates Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Stability cushions & balls, weights and resistance bands, and foam rollers.

Pre-requests to attending:

  • Minimum requirement is to have attended a 60 minute Physiotherapy assessment and program writing session. This is to establish your main aims, weaknesses, and problem areas, to then be able to write a bespoke program to address these. Cost £45
  • Many attendees will have completed a course of Physiotherapy with us and then go onto more advanced rehabilitation in these sessions. See our sister website regarding our Physiotherapy Services

Examples of who is in our groups:

  • Recurrent Sports Injuries & Biomechanical Dysfunctions.
  • Spinal Rehabilitation or long-term maintenance e.g. post surgery, post acute disc injury, long-standing and non-resolving back pain.
  • Joint pain or injury.
  • Management of Arthritis.
  • Pre & Post hip and knee replacement surgery.
  • Management of Neurological conditions - e.g. Parkinson's, MS, Charcot Marie Tooth.
  • Inflammatory Joint Disease - e.g Rheumatoid Arthritis

We have very mixed groups of conditions and abilities and we are there to support everyone equally.

Booking and Courses:

These sessions are run as 6-week blocks at £65. The sessions we have running currently can be found by clicking HERE: Class Timetable

We hold waiting lists for these sessions and we can put on extra sessions as needed depending on demand.

To book please email [email protected] or call Ruth Anness MCSP HCPC on 07703 116284.